Past Employment

Strategies for Common Core: What Every Teacher Should Know

In my previous position with Strategies For Common Core a part of “What Every Teacher Should Know”, I researched comprehensive and revolutionary teaching strategies and wrote lesson plans, activities, and other supporting content around them. I ardently advocate for education and the vital impact that education has when seeking to encourage and empower our community members. I loved working with What Every Teacher Should Know because I was able to combine the absolute best ways to educate and communicate with students, and condense it into an easy-to-follow guideline to equip teachers to reach every student in their classroom. Below are some of my favorite samples of the work I did with the company. Please take a look, and feel free to ask for more should you be interested.

Sample 1
Sample 2

I’ve also included my letter of recommendation from my previous employer, Greg Steele, Vice President of What Every Teacher Should Know, the company behind Strategies For Common Core.
It should be noted that this letter references my maiden name, Elizabeth Heflin.

Letter of Recommendation


Custom Cleaners

During my second year of college, I worked at a dry cleaners in El Paso, Tx. It was a great place to learn new skills, primarily those involving front-of-house duties. I was often of the “face” of the store, and had to learn to represent the owners in a friendly, helpful, and diplomatic way. I learned all of our regular’s names, and eventually even learned precisely how they like their clothes cleaned and pressed, as well as often their children’s or pet’s names and how they were all getting along. I developed personal relationships with our customers, and loved being able to not just be their dry cleaner, but a part of their life!

I also had the experience of working with our more difficult customers. That helped me learn how to take criticism well, and how to transform an unsatisfied, grumbling customer into a thankful and happy one! At least, most of the time! It was an incredible learning experience and left me with some wonderful people skills. I also worked on their software and hardware systems a bit, and gained a lot of general data entry and spreadsheet organizational skills. A year after I started at Custom Cleaners, I said goodbye and began a new journey in Denton, Texas.


References from my supervisors at both Custom Cleaners as well as Strategies for Common Core are available upon request. 

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