Practicum Experience


Serving Children and Families by Providing Healing and Hope

As a part of my program requirements with the university, I completed a practicum experience my last semester of school. I worked with Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home as a intern in their General Residential Operations program, as well as facilitated Love & Logic courses as a part of Cumberland Family Resources. CPCH houses children ages 5-17 in foster care in the Texas foster care system, houses single parent families on the brink of homelessness, and offers counseling and education services to individuals and families in the North Texas area on a sliding scale, at little to no cost to the client.

I loved my time at Cumberland, and I learned so much! My experience working hands on with families and children helped solidify theoretical pieces I picked up in the classroom, and the case management and interpersonal skills I gained working in the office with staff added so much more than I could have expected to pick up through my coursework.

By clicking HERE, you can view and download my “Plan for Practicum”, or the document that acted as a map for what I learned and experienced while interning with my mentor.

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